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A view about Atlassian cloud-Links and resources

I happened to watch the demo by Kesha Thillainayagam on "15 top Cloud questions" during the recently concluded Atlassian Team 2021 annual event. Posting here some of the QnA's and links that gives an insight about Atlassian Cloud security aspects.

Q) Is cloud data encrypted?

Kesha>> YES, data is encrypted in "transit" and "at rest".

Q) What Atlassian Cloud offers in terms of "data residency"

Kesha>> For "Enterprise plan" data residency is available. And for "standard" and "premium" plans, Atlassian is planning to roll out in Q3 2021.

Q) How secure is Atlassian Cloud?

Kesha>>Atlassian's stance on reliability, security, privacy etc. can be checked and known on their official website: Besides that, you can download the white paper about "Security at Atlassian" on the bottom of that link.

Q) Is Atlassian Cloud GDPR compliant?

Kesha>> You can view the Atlassian's GDPR commitment on this link:

Q) How can we manage the new feature releases on cloud?

Kesha>> For premium and Enterprise Cloud customers, Atlassian has a feature called "Release Tracks" which provides Jira admins control on changes and new features.

Q) How can I test and experiment before rolling out changes to Cloud?

Kesha>> Atlassian has bundled "sandbox" with premium and Enterprise plans, so end user can try test new features, updates, market place apps etc.

Q) Can I customize my cloud site URL?

Kesha>> The Jira Cloud customers can specify their desired URL at the time of the Cloud site creation. However, support for the "custom domains" is planned to roll out soon.

Q) Can specific IP addresses be restricted on the Cloud?

Kesha>> Premium and Enterprise plans have a feature namely "IP allowlisting". This allows specific IP addresses, users must use in order to access company data.

Q) How can we see the list of server apps available in Cloud?

Kesha>> It's possible to view the list through an "app assessment feature" with free Cloud migration assistance. This "app assessment feature" allows user to select whether the app is "needed or not needed to be in cloud", how many "user's viewed that app", can that "app be migrated to cloud".

Lastly, if you wish to explore, decide, look for pricing plans, upcoming features, cloud migration tools, etc. the roadmap section will be the start.

And listed are the useful links that comes handy in this journey:

I believe this blog/ article has given insights and a view about the Atlassian cloud migrations, data privacy, tools, free trial details, plans etc. Do post your comments, feedback in the comments section.

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Stay safe and stay healthy.

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