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Agile Coaching series-Part 2| Where does Agile Coach live?

As an Agile Coach, is expected to be an expert of all Agile things like- frameworks, Agile practices, their implementations, Agile roles, soft skills, an epitome of leadership.

Based on the need of the hour and situation, he "lives in many hats" as listed inline:

When an Agile coach hones a teacher’s hat, he/she teaches as listed with a servant leader mindset:

  • Agile values and principles

  • The Agile roles

  • Frameworks or process as per the need. E.g., SAFe etc.

  • Techniques like estimations, story writing etc.

When an Agile coach hones a mentor’s hat, he/she:

  • Mentors teams who got used to Agile ways of working and focus on Agile practices.

  • Advice Scrum masters, Product Owners, facilitators on Agile Principles.

  • Mentoring teams/ individuals towards finding their solution rather than solving for themselves.

  • Knows when to switch between roles or wear hats and demonstrate the skills to help team stay on track.

  • Focuses for a long time duration and continuous development.

When an Agile coach hones a coaching hat, he/she:

  • Help teams to detect their own development stage.

  • Reinforce co-responsibility and be non-judgmental.

  • Coach different roles and make them self-aware, so that they keep “continuing” the “journey” as well surface the conflicts.

When an Agile coach hones a facilitator’s hat, he/she:

  • Defines clear outcome for the meeting/ session / event being facilitated.

  • Provides tools and techniques that aide in the outcome of the meeting.

  • Designs the activities for achieving the scope and purpose.

  • Maintains neutrality and suspends self-judgement.

Action task for readers: Self reflections and post your thoughts in the comments section.

  1. What's your Coaching style?

  2. When encountered a situation in the team's Agile planning session, what style do you LIVE in?

  3. Which Atlassian product(s) do you use as a coach and why?

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