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Agile Coaching series-part 5| Know various Agile methodologies and frameworks

An Agile coaching and the role of an Agile coach will not be fulfilled without the knowledge and mastery on Agile methodologies and its various frameworks.

So, what are those frameworks and respective Principles, Values, Rules, Roles, metrics that helps an Agile coach excel in the role?

Well the list of most popular game changing Agile frameworks goes:

  • Scrum

  • XP

  • DSDM

  • ASD

  • Kanban

  • Lean

  • FDD

  • Crystal family

This is a glimpse of the frameworks a Coach will deep dive in and suggest, recommend, advise, drive through, train, mentor, teach, facilitate as per the Organizational needs, goals and values.


Extreme Programming (XP):

Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM):


Lean Software development:

Feature Driven Development:

References sites:

  1. Wikipedia

  2. Scrum Guide

  3. Kanban University

  4. Agile Business Consortium

  5. Extreme Programming

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