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Agile Coaching series-Part 6| Wearing Agile Coach hat while dealing with Agile transition

The provided mind map is my hat and approach in this Agile coaching journey.

When given a task for an organization or projects wide transformations (transitions), the Coach main focus has to be on touch points that has potential impact.

Coach will and should mandatorly consider the below aspects in the journey:

  • List of barriers and key people who can impact the decision making

  • Powerful questioning and employ effective feedback techniques

  • Change management and techniques

  • Communication channels, methods and interpersonal skill

  • Systems thinking and choosing Agile methodologies that fit the need

  • Agile manifesto and estimation techniques

  • Working agreements, action items and respective reports/ metrics

Now imagine you are wearing an “Agile coach hat”, what’s your approach of decoding or implementing or planning the transition in the organization? Post your thoughts, ideas and best practices.

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