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Confluence magic shortcuts

Confluence: The collaboration tool that serves the need of product documentation, Knowledge base, project planning activities or for blogging.

You will start enjoying the confluence tool, if you try your hands with keyboard shortcuts.

Okay, so how will I access the short cut's menu?

In the confluence home page, simply click on Shift+? to launch the short cuts window.

Atlassian has classified the shortcuts in 3 categories:

  • General – Global, page and blog post shortcuts.

  • Editor – Text editing and formatting shortcuts that apply to the legacy editor.

  • Editor Autoformatting – Wiki mark up and autoformatting shortcuts that apply to the legacy editor.

Here's an overview of all category shortcuts in the latest confluence version.

If you would like to explore theory, short cuts for previous version and related details, access this official and public Confluence link:

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