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Do you know the best Jira courses for Project Managers 🤔

As a Project and Product Manager, learning about Atlassian Jira is essential for setting yourself up for success and getting the most out of the tool day after day. There are many great Jira training resources available, both free and paid.

Free Jira training resources

  • Atlassian University: Atlassian University offers a variety of free Jira training resources, including self-paced courses, instructor-led training, and certifications.

  • YouTube: There are many helpful Jira tutorials and videos available on YouTube.

  • Blog posts and articles: There are many informative blog posts and articles written about Jira that can teach you how to use the tool effectively.

  • Online communities: There are many online communities where you can ask questions and get help from other Jira users.

Weblinks to the Free learning paths

Paid Jira training resources

  • Atlassian University: Official source of learning content and hands-on lab.

  • Udemy: Udemy offers a variety of paid Jira training courses, taught by experienced instructors.

  • Coursera: Coursera also offers a variety of paid Jira training courses, from top universities and companies.

  • Pluralsight: Pluralsight offers a subscription service that gives you access to a library of online courses, including many Jira courses.

Weblinks to the Paid resources

  1. Atlassian University

  2. Plural Sight: JIRA Fundamentals

  3. Udemy: Top JIRA Courses Online - Updated [October 2023]

  4. Coursera: Top Atlassian Jira Courses - Learn Atlassian Jira Online

  5. LinkedIn Learning:

Atlassian Team Playbook

Offers a variety of plays and techniques to help managers and teams collaborate effectively, learn from experiences and facilitate.

Online communities:

I recommend that you start with the free resources, such as Atlassian University and YouTube. Once you have a basic understanding of Jira, you can then decide if you want to invest in a paid course or certification.

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