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🚁Helicopter view| “Confluence Analytics, space exporting and archiving" -part 3

Hello Confluence enthusiasts,

This is the final part of the Managing Confluence spaces. If you liked this 3 parts series and would like explore full content besides earning official badge with hands-on lab, enroll in the Atlassian University on-demand course.

Good to know points:
  • Cloud services takes backups of your site every 24 hours.

  • Have you heard about “Confluence Analytics”. A confluence user can measure the value of confluence use and monitor spaces using the “reports”. This analytics feature is available in both Cloud Premium and Enterprise plans.

  • “Site level analytics” provide insights about Confluence adoption, site usage, high performing spaces, active readers, trending searches etc.

  • “Space level analytics” is dedicated to the space and its performance. It provide insights about the spaces most popular searched content, active readers, contributors.

  • “Page level analytics” gives insights on estimated reading time, number of people viewed, total page views, name of attachments and their total views etc.

  • Confluence software allows to export “Site analytics” and “Page analytics” to prepare your own reporting and charts per your organization’s ask.

  • Analytics data is retained for 1 year (** conditions apply based on migrations)

Export, import, archive Spaces:
  • PDF export is useful if you’re producing a printable user manual from your space “excluding blogs, attachments and comments”.

  • HTML export is used to convert your site content to a static website “excluding blogs, attachments and comments”.

  • XML export is used to export space content to import into another Confluence space, or for a backup “excluding blogs”.

  • Note: Confluence allows to use custom export and select the pages to export.

  • ⚠️When a Confluence space is exported, all the data including the restricted content will also get exported.

  • A space is imported from Space administration page and does not import users or groups

An archived space will not appear:

  • In the quick search navigation

  • Spaces dropdown menu

  • in your dashboard

Reference: Atlassian University

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