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🚁Helicopter view| "Setting up Confluence spaces" - Part 1

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Hello Confluence enthusiast,

This is a quick good to know details when "setting up Confluence Spaces". We shall start with few key terminologies to understand when setting up Confluence spaces.

Space= Home for the content, a place for blog posts, a place for pages.

Blog= a space for sharing news, announcements etc.

Pages= A place that has content / information.

Site space= Located within the Space Directory. It is a place for your team to work together and store related files.

Personal space= Your own space for tracking your tasks, write blogs and store individual work items.

Space key= unique identifier

Global permissions

Space administrator

Good to know points:
  • Their is no limit to the number of spaces.

  • Space permissions override page restrictions.

  • Global permissions are granted to groups rather than the users.

  • The pages are stored hierarchically in the space:

Space Directory ⬇️

Site spaces ⬇️

[ Space 1 ⬇️]

Parent page ⬇️

Child page-1

Child page-2

Child page-3

  • Every time you create a new space, a (unique identifier) key is created. Please note, this key can’t be changed later.

  • Being a space admin for a space, you can update and configure settings like -change space name, description, permissions, look and feel etc.

  • A Confluence admin can recover space permissions if the original space admin is out of office OR moved out without appointing another space admin. When recovering, the Confluence admin would be granted all permissions. This recover activity is recorded in audit log.

Page level restrictions:

  • Dark grey open lock means, every member with “view permissions” can view the page.

  • Red lock indicates both view and edit restrictions for that page.

  • Red open lock indicates the inherited view restrictions from another page.

  • All in all, in-order to see a page, the member should have both the “space view” and “can view” page restriction.

Grant access to restricted pages:

The following users have rights to grant access yo users who request access to restricted pages.

  • Space administrator

  • Members who contributed earlier to that page.

Customize look and feel:

  • The Space admin can customize the look and feel.

  • He/she can configure and customize sidebar giving it a logo, display hierarchically, add shortcut links.

  • Applies a theme.

  • Edit the content and layout of home page, add Wiki markup to add text, links, macros and images.

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