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Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot deck review by "author" Subramanyam

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"Tarot deck review"

Hello divine souls,

As part of one of my new year 2022 aspirations, I’m starting series of blogs on “tarot and Oracle decks reviews”. My aim of writing about the Tarot is to reach the people who wants to enter the Tarot journey, make it accessible to interested few, remove the apprehensions few people have about Tarot readings, help them understand Tarot has got universal appeal and not confined to particular section or religion or people.

If you are reading this blog, then you are the “chosen one” by Tarot deck(s) that has listened to your inner voice, trying to reach you to address your inner questions, to remind you to settle the dust and unfold your Clair senses. So, it’s up to you how you see and use this science of divination and readings.

About Tarot: The Tarot has a long history and is speculated to the origins from many cultures, places and people. So, their is no single source of truth about it’s origin to a particular country. If interested to explore more of the history, you know the right place-Google search.

Why Rider-Waite?

Dr. Arthur Edward Waite believed “symbols as the key to tarot” and have come up with a beautiful, simple and elegant deck with the help of a designer- Pamela Colman Smith. One tarot deck which has got the universal appeal and been a foundation for gamut of currently available Tarot cards is the “Rider-Waite” deck.

The current deck we are reviewing is the redesigned/ colored deck and published by US Games systems Inc.

My name is Subramanyam Gunda an author, Atlassian Community Leader and a certified Tarot card reader from "Psychic Healing Academy", USA.

My first impressions:

What's in the box:
  • A mini instruction booklet

  • 78 cards printed with white edges and corners

When I first opened the package and the deck, the feeling of good vibes has resonated as if this is destined for me to feel and read. The cards are big enough to hold, shiny and has non-gold or non-silver foiled edges and corners.

The deck has 78 cards with 21 Major+1 Fool card=22 cards and 56 Minor arcana cards. Because of the cards bigger size and shiny finish, they slip from the hands making it little difficult to shuffle.

Their is an extra card, more like a business card that carried the publisher name, credits to original owners, contents in the box with a beautiful image of Sun hosting a moon.

Every card is elegantly printed giving you an easy connect to read, interpret, understand the minute detail. One side of the card is printed with stars with a background of sky and another side with an image, roman number and a word.


The publisher don’t ship outside USA. However, they will assist with the available supplier near your place (like country, state, city). You may check their website I mentioned in above paragraphs.

The Final Score

Given the beautiful, elegant and handy cards, I would give 4 rating out of 5 given -

a) The slippery finish of the cards makes it "difficult in shuffling".

b) The mini instructions booklet has only keywords for arcana cards making it incomplete to interpret the meaning of the card for novice reader.

Please feel free to leave a like, comment, and share your experience if using this deck or in the path to Tarot reading.

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