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Tarot deck review (RP Mini’s Tarot deck)

Creator: Dennis Fairchild

Reviewer: Subramanyam Gunda (self)

Deck name: Tarot (RP Mini’s Tarot deck)

Publisher: Running Press. Pennsylvania ; Illustrator: Julie Paschkis

What's inside the box

78 miniature cards, a book, a paper briefing “how to conduct a reading” with a 4-card spread image.

My first impressions

I purchased this deck on 29 August 2020 where I knew nothing about Tarot or Oracle decks. So, my excitement knew no boundaries after holding this mini sized deck.

Being a complete naïve to the “concept of tarot”, I couldn’t get connected to this deck. So, my recommendation is to “enroll in any Tarot learning courses” or accompany a Tarot reader to benefit out of this deck.

The illustrations are excellent. On one side of the card their are 2 person’s (joker like persons) juggling cards surrounded by art work of greenery filled leaves, branches, a fully glowing and vibrant Sun, and 1/4th moon. See the picture.

The 2nd side of the deck you will see the actual picture with roman number, name of card and it’s representation. I must say, it’s very very simple (plain simple) to interpret the deck if you have a minimum know-how about major and minor arcana’s.


I would give 1 out of 5 rating for the packing. The box is of very low quality and no thought was given by the publisher. If you start using (pulling out the deck, the book thrice or more), the box will tear off! So, you would end up searching Amazon site for a storage bag.

How’s the language of the book?

I would give 5 out of 5 for the easy to understand interpretations. Language is simple and straight to the point. See the picture inline:

Too many cards & how to spot?

Well the author has understood this and had given representing colors, like:

Yellow for SWORDS, Red for WANDS, Pink for Major Arcana, Blue for CUPS, Light Green for PENTACLES

Availability: Amazon and Flipkart online stores


If you know the concept of Tarot reading, then this deck might be very handy given it’s size, easy to shuffle, interpret the meanings and connect the deck. If you are a kind of person used to big sized oracle cards, then holding this mini deck will surely impress you.

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